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True Wireless

True Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance free government cell phone provider that serves five states: Rhode Island, Maryland, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Currently those are the only states that True Wireless serves, and different plans are available in every state.

True Wireless Plans

Listed below are the plans for each state. As you will notice, Oklahoma residents are able to get the most exciting plan with unlimited voice and text minutes. Residents in other states are limited, but the plans in Texas, Arkansas, Maryland, and Rhode Island are all comparable to the plans which are available throughout the country provided by other Lifeline Assistance companies.

  • Oklahoma: True Wireless offers a single plan for OK residents which includes $1 for unlimited voice minutes and text messages.
  • Texas: In this state, True Wireless allows eligible candidates to receive 250 free voice minutes per month along with unlimited free texts. There is no fee for this plan.
  • Arkansas: True Wireless provides 250 free voice minutes and text messages to residents in this state. This plan has no fee.
  • Maryland: In this state, True Wireless users may receive 250 free voice minuets and text messages monthly. There is no fee for this plan.
  • Rhode Island: True Wireless provides 250 free minutes of voice talk and text messages to RI residents. This plan is completely free.

Qualifying for True Wireless

For each individual state, you will want to check online for which government assistance programs are acceptable to prove your eligibility. You will find detailed lists on each of the state plan pages on the True Wireless website.

The eligibility requirements for your household are that you live at or below 135% of the federal poverty level or that you accept public assistance from a qualifying program. Programs vary by state but include Section 8, food stamps, WIC, SSI, and similar benefits.

135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines:

Size of Family Annual Income

  1. $14,702
  2. 19,859
  3. 25,016
  4. 30,173
  5. 35,330
  6. 40,487
  7. 45,644
  8. 50,801

For each Additional Person, Add 5,157

True Wireless doesn’t have an easy online application form, but if you click under “retail” you will see several different ways you can apply. If you are living in Oklahoma, you can apply in-person at one of the company’s retail outlets. The company does not have any physical locations in other states yet, but residents in OK and elsewhere are welcome to send in their application and proof of benefits via fax, email or paper mail. The addresses and numbers are all listed on the “retail” page for your convenience.

True Wireless provides a number of exciting free or low-cost plans to residents in five different states. OK residents in particular can enjoy a great unlimited plan for the very low cost of $1 a month. The rest of True Wireless’s free plans are comparable with other free Lifeline Assistance programs offered by other providers around the country. It is easy to apply for benefits by phone, email, or paper mail. Get started today if you think you qualify!

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