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What is Annual Certification?

Annual certification is the process by which the government determines your ongoing eligibility for free government cell phone service.  Annual certification occurs once a year.  Users must verify that they still qualify for free service.  The process typically begins about two months before the your enrollment anniversary.  If you still participate in one or more of your state’s qualifying government assistance programs and/or your household income is still at or below state income eligibility guidelines you qualify for ongoing free cell phone service for the next year.

Annual certification is straightforward and can usually be completed in less than 20 minutes.  Most cell phone providers offer multiple ways to complete the annual certification process.  You should receive an annual certification application in the mail. You can fill this form out and return it by mail or FAX to the address/phone number indicated in the letter.

You may also be able to complete the annual certification process by phone by contacting your free cell phone service provider.

Most cell phone service providers also allow you to complete the annual certification process online.  Assurance Wireless allows you to complete your annual certification process online here.  You can complete the Reachout Wireless annual certification here.  If you are a Safelink Wireless user, you can complete your annual certification here.

In some instances, you may be required to submit documentation as proof of your household income and/or government assistance program participation.  In these cases, you will be required to submit your application by mail or FAX.

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