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Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

You do not have to sign a contract in order to receive a free government cell phone.  You must however fill out the application form, which determines your eligibility for free cell phone service.  The application is usually 1-2 pages and can be filled out easily.  Once approved for the program, there are no other contracts that must be completed, with the exception of the annual re-certification process.

Each year, federal and/or state regulatory agencies require that customers of free phone service re-certify their eligibility for the free cell phone program.  This must be done once a year on the customers service activation anniversary date.

In order to re-certify for program you must certify that you still qualify for the program under income eligibility or by continued participation in a government assistance program.

Don’t worry, the annual certification process is easy.  There are several ways to complete the certification process.  You will receive a certification letter just prior to your service activation anniversary date.  You can fill this form out and mail it back to the address indicated therein.  In most cases, the certification can be sent by FAX as well.  You can also contact your free cell phone service provider and follow the voice prompts for re-certification.  You can also visit the free cell phone service provider website and follow the annual certification instructions there.

The re-certification process in required, to insure that all ongoing applicants in these programs continue to be eligible.  This allows the government to exclude applicants who are no longer eligible for free cell phone service from these programs when their eligibility changes.

The good news is that as long as you qualify for free cell phone service and continue to properly re-certify your eligibility on your service anniversary date, you will continue to receive free cell phone service indefinitely.

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