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Assist Wireless

Assist Wireless

If you live in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, or Oklahoma, you may be interested in checking out the Lifeline Assistance services offered by Assist Wireless.  This company offers a variety of different plans for different needs, which makes them one of the most flexible Lifeline Assistance companies you will find participating in the free government cell phone program.  In particular, if you are a member of tribe, you will find some awesome deals here.  Here are some of the different plans that Assist offers:

  • Lifeline Unlimited Voice & Text with Data.  This is the company’s most popular program, and costs $1 per month for tribal members, and $36 a month for everybody else.  This plan includes no rollover.
  • 250 Lifeline Voice or Text.  This is the plan you want to check into if you are looking for a free cell phone.  There are no rollover minutes, but you do get 250 voice or text minutes every month.  The cost is free for tribal and non-tribal members.
  • Lifeline 1000 Minutes Plus 1000 Text.  This plan goes for $1 per month for tribal members and $36 per month for everybody else.  You get 1000 voice minutes or text messages for $1.00 per month after discounts.  You can also purchase additional minutes.
  • Oklahoma 1000 Minutes.  This plan also costs $1 per month for tribal members and $36 for everyone else, and likewise includes 1000 voice minutes or text messages for $1.00 per month after discounts.
  • Lifeline 1000 Minutes or 1000 Text.  This plan costs $1 per month for tribal members and $36 per month for everybody else.  1000 voice minutes or text messages for $1.00 each month after discounts are the plan features.

How Do You Qualify?

Each of the states that Assist operates in has different requirements for qualifying government programs, but you may qualify for assistance if you receive foods tamps, Medicaid, Social Security, Section 8, or TANF.  As mentioned before, many of these plans are aimed at tribal applications receiving programs like Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

You can also attempt to qualify based on your household income level, which must be at or below 135% of the federal poverty level.  Here are the guidelines:

135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

Size of Family

Annual Income

1          $14,702

2          19,859

3          25,016

4          30,173

5          35,330

6          40,487

7          45,644

8          50,801

For each Additional Person, Add 5,157

If you are attempting to qualify this way, you will need to bring proof of your income when you fill out your application.  A previous year’s tax return (federal or state) can suffice, as can a statement for your pension, retirement plan, Social Security, or VA benefits.  You can also bring in paycheck stubs if you are employed, or unemployment benefits statements if you are not.  Divorce decree and child support documents may be used as well.

Assist Wireless offers a variety of plans.  Their 250 Free plan is great for anybody, and if you are a member of a tribe, you will find a variety of plans here which are perfect for your needs.  If you live in Oklahoma, Maryland, Missouri, or Arkansas, drop by their website and download an application!

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