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Alaska Wireless

Alaska Wireless is properly known as Alaska Communications, and they are the only company in the state of Alaska offering the Lifeline Assistance program at this point in time to local customers.  Alaska Communications offers Lifeline services spanning from Fairbanks to Ketchikan.  While the free government cell phone program offered by the company is actually not 100% free, very few people can argue with the $1.00 per month fee.

What do you get for $1.00 each month?  If you qualify for the program, you will get the same great services that other Alaska Communications customers enjoy who pay full rates.  The company has an advanced fiber optic network which allows for crystal clear communication.  A dollar per month buys you unlimited voice minutes and unlimited texting.  This makes it convenient to use a method of your choice to stay in contact with friends and family.

How do you apply for Alaska Communications Lifeline Assistance?  First, you need to figure out if you are eligible for it.  If you are receiving assistance from a qualifying government program, you should be eligible to receive Lifeline Assistance from Alaska Communications.  If your household is not receiving assistance, but still meets the income requirements, you should qualify.  You can only get one phone line per household (which is the case with all free government cell phone programs).  The $1.00 service may include some additional taxes and fees on a local basis depending on your location.

If you believe you may qualify for assistance, you will need to download and print the application from the company’s website.  You can then fill it out and bring it into an Alaska Communications store near you.  Any store should be able to take and process your application for you.

Do you qualify for subsidized phone services from Alaska Communications?  There are over a dozen different government assistance programs which qualify you for service.  These include the National School Lunch Program, WIC, Section 8, VA Pension or Disability Pension, Low Income Housing Tax Credit, SNAP (Food Stamps), and others.  You can view a full list on the Alaska Communications website.  Here are the eligibility levels for household sizes and income levels:

1          $19,373

2          $26,163

3          $32,954

4          $39,744

5          $46,535

6          $53,325

7          $60,116

8          $66,906

For each additional person, add $6,791

You need to be able to prove your income level with official documentation (remember, if you are on a public assistance program in the company’s list, you do not need to worry about these eligibility levels.  You just need to qualify one way or the other.  What documents can you bring in to prove your income levels if necessary?

Acceptable forms of proof include a copy of your federal tax return from last year, or your return from the state.  You can also bring in 3 months of paycheck stubs or a current income statement from your workplace.  If you are receiving benefits through Social Security or the Department of Veterans Affairs, you can bring in your statement of benefits.  If you are retired or on a pension, you can bring in that statement of benefits as well.  Unemployed people may bring in their own applicable statement of benefits.  If you are a member of a tribe, you may bring in your letter of participation in general assistance.  If you are paying child support or a divorce settlement, that documentation can also be used to prove your eligibility.

If you are struggling to pay your bills in Alaska, drop by the Alaska Communications website and check out the detailed guidelines on their Lifeline Assistance program.  You too can afford to call your friends and family members, for just $1.00 a month!

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